Thursday, 25 April 2013

Congratulations to APN Members!

Writers' Guild of Alberta Literary Awards

Congratulations to these APN Members for being shortlisted for Gwen Pharis Ringwood Award for Drama. 

Col Cseke (Calgary) – Jim Forgetting, Verb Theatre
Dave Kelly (Calgary) – Dad’s Piano, Lunchbox Theatre

In addition, Julia Seymour (Stony Plain) has been shortlisted for the Amber Bowerman Memorial Travel Writing Award with her work “Professions of Love Across the Seine.” 


2013-2014 Season Announcements

Congratulations to APN Member Ellen Close whose work (co-written with Braden Griffiths) will be presented by Downstage Theatre

ENDANGERED SPECIES MY FAMILY AND OTHER by Ellen Close and Braden Griffiths
adapted from the novel Amphibian by Carla Gunn
directed by Simon Mallett

April 23-26 & April 29-May 3, 2014

Nine-year-old Phineas William Walsh has an encyclopedic knowledge of the natural world. What he doesn't understand, though, is why his parents can't live together - after all, when other mate-for-life animals have a fight, it's not like one of them just packs his bags and leaves the country. To make things to-infinity worse, Phin is worried sick about what humans are doing to the planet, and his mother is worried sick about him. So, when a White's tree frog ends up in an aquarium in his fourth-grade classroom, it's the last straw, and he stages an elaborate rescue. 


Congratulations also to Neil Fleming and Dave Kelly whose plays are part of the next Lunchbox Theatre season!

The After Party
By Neil Fleming
Directed by Aaron Coates
Nov 25 — Dec 21 2013
The only time worse than New Year’s Eve to be dateless is the office Christmas party. How can you “celebrate the season” when you have no family or partner to be with? The IT guy and the cleaning lady, both working late after the party, attempt to make a connection in this heartwarming tale of the madness and magic of the holiday season.
Dad, Day 1By Dave KellyDirected by Rebecca Northan
Mar 31— Apr 19 2014
Standing in the hospital parking lot after the birth of his first child, Dave realises that he has no idea where he parked, and no crib built for his new son at home! Dave explores the awe and terror of being a new father as he re-examines his own upbringing in a very conservative Catholic family.
And finally, congratulations to Mieko Ouchi whose play The Red Priest will be produced by Alberta Theatre Projects!

The Red Priest  (Eight Ways to Say Goodbye)
by Mieko Ouchi
Directed by Vanessa Porteous

April 29 – May 17, 2014
In the French court of Louis XV, an aristocrat in full bloom and a wilting Antonio Vivaldi must work together to impress the court. Can she learn to play the violin in only six weeks? Can Vivaldi teach her? Their lessons grow beyond the notes on the page as the unlikely pair discovers new inspiration in each other. Set to Vivaldi’s passionate music, with the beauty, fragility and barely controlled fervour of a French garden, this is the 10th Anniversary production of Calgary-born Mieko Ouchi’s romantic play.

The Red Priest was a finalist for the Governor General's Award for Drama and winner of the Canadian Authors Association’s Carol Bolt Prize.

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