Tuesday, 4 June 2013

And the nominees are....

Congratulations to the following APN Members for their Sterling Award Nominations!

Outstanding New Play (award to playwright)
Let The Light Of Day Through, by Collin Doyle (Theatre Network)*
Flight of the Viscount, by David Belke (Shadow Theatre)

Outstanding Independent Production
The Passion of Mary (Passion Project)*

Outstanding Production for Young Audiences
Smokescreen (Concrete Theatre)

Outstanding Artistic Achievement, Theatre for Young Audiences
Mieko Ouchi, Director, Smokescreen (Concrete Theatre)

Outstanding Fringe New Work (award to playwright)
Von Mitterbrink’s Second by David Belke (ACME Theatrical Showcase)

Outstanding Fringe Director
Amy DeFelice, Mojo Mickybo (Orange Cat Theatre)

*denotes plays that have been developed with the assistance of Alberta Playwrights' Network

For the complete list of nominations, click here

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