Thursday, 9 January 2014

Alberta Foundation for the Arts/Canada Council Individual Artists Grants

Alberta Foundation for the Arts - Individual Artists Project Grant 
(Deadline February 1 & September 15)

Canada Council for the Arts – Theatre Production Project Grants
Emerging Artists (Deadlines March 1 & September 15)

If you feel that you have a play that is far enough along in its development to warrant a workshop, we highly suggest that you apply for funding through these grants.

APN has had a history of providing developmental workshops for playwrights and their work and we wish to continue in this fashion. The resources that went toward workshops was reliant operational funding from our public funders. As our operational funds have been reduced, so has our capacity to provide workshop opportunities.  As individual artists you stand a better chance of receiving developmental monies for your project than we have in receiving increased operational funds for this type of programming. We have supported member writers in the past with their applications and many applicants have had success through these programs. 

What can we provide? In advance of your application we can provide the following:
  • assistance in budgeting
  • a letter of support for the project
If you are successful with your application, we can provide the following:
  • space
  • scheduling
  • casting and contracting of actors
  • dramaturgy or dramaturgical resources
  • photocopying/printing
  • coffee
 What do we ask of you in advance of your application?
  • that you have had some form of dramaturgical support from APN on your play previous to your application. This allows us to be familiar with the work that you are proposing to workshop allowing us to better assist you in creating a realistic timeframe and budget for the workshopping. This also allows us to speak about the work in a letter of support.
  • adequate lead time to provide you with what you need in advance of the application deadline.
As we continue our search for alternative funding sources and resources that can be devoted back to workshopping programs, we need to find other ways of providing you the support that you need as writers. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via email - 


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